Thomas Mueller-Sacherer, MD, Prof.

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Thomas Mueller-Sacherer, MD, Prof.

Associate Professor, Pediatric nephrology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)

Nephrologist Pediatric nephrology expert with more than 20 years of experience. Specialized in all kinds of kidney diseases including hypertension and transplantation. Deputy head of the department and associate professor at the Medical University of Vienna.

My experience
23 years
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Blood lab results • Doctor report
This specialist accepts pediatric cases.
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10 workdays
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About me

I am a pediatric nephrologist since 1999. I am a professor at the Medical university of Vienna and the deputy head of the department of pediatric nephrology and gastroenterology at the Children´s Hospital of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria´s largest institution for pediatric kidney diseases. My research focuses on pediatric kidney hypertension and transplantation.

Experience and training
  • January 1999 - Today
    Associate Professor, Pediatric nephrology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
  • January 1999 - Today
    Deputy head, Department of pediatric nephrology and gastroenterology, Children´s Hospital, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
  • January 1992 - January 1998
    Resident, Department of Pediatrics, Medical University Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
  • January 1983 - January 1989
    Student, Medical University Vienna, Vienna (Austria)
Licensures and memberships
Member of:
  • Austrian Society of Nephrology / Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nephrologie (ÖGN)
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Transplantation, Transfusion und Genetik
  • Öster­reich­ische Ge­sell­schaft für Kinder- und Jugend­heil­kunde (ÖGKJ)
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