Our Story

In recent decades, the rapid advancement of medical knowledge and technology enabled the growth of focused expertise (special areas of expertise within a clinical field) among doctors. However, these specialists can be difficult to find and get access to.
Diagnose.me founders, Lukas Alner and Ivan Stefunko, experienced this firsthand when presented with rare life-threatening medical diagnoses.

By creating diagnose.me, they wanted to find a straightforward way to connect patients with specialists so that others would not face the difficulties they did.

They succeeded.

Since 2013, diagnose.me have brought access to medical expertise to millions of people around the globe, helping solve thousands of complex medical cases.

Our services have become an established part of the products and policies of banks and insurance companies in the CEE region and beyond.

As new technologies keep transforming healthcare at a rapid pace, we made it our mission to not only provide access to medical specialists but also to the latest medical innovations that might not yet be available for everyone locally.
Together with our partners, we bring innovative diagnostic services tailored-made for their customers (including diagnostics for targeted therapies, genetic testing for rare diseases, innovative blood tests shipped directly to the homes of clients, and even AI diagnostic tools aiding patients and doctors with the best medical decisions).

Key investors


Christian Mandl

Investor & Serial entrepreneur

Christian is a civic tech enthusiast and a co-founder of SkyEurope Airlines, Maporama Solutions, Neulogy Ventures, and Govio. He is a member of the Venturepreneurs’ Organization, a European network of business angels, and was selected as the Young Global Leader in 2013 by the World Economic Forum.


Boris Zeleny

Investor & Philanthropist

Boris is a serial entrepreneur and investor, active in the technology field for more than 20 years. He is a member of several investment advisory boards and holds Board positions in numerous technology companies. He is also a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, largely devoted to philanthropy, speaking five languages.


Anton Zajac


Anton is an investor and tech enthusiast and the co-founder and CEO of ESET North America. He has a doctorate in Quantum Theory and teaches at prestigious universities around the world, speaking five languages.

Key people


Lukáš Alner

Co-founder and CEO


Petra Brbúch

Head of Product


Kevin Karabin

Business Development Manager


Natália Paulini

Key Account Manager


Johana Kollarová

Head of Operations


Adam Štipák

Head of IT development

Medical Advisory Board

The key to a successful treatment is a correct diagnosis. If a patient wants to be 100% sure that they make the best decisions for their health, they should consult more than one doctor. Diagnose.me helps patients connect with leading medical specialists from around the world who can give them a professional medical opinion on a specific health problem quickly and affordably.