"The key to diagnosis is a correct interpretation of the imaging study."

William G. Bradley Jr., MD, PhD, FACR
Chairman of Radiology Department at UCSD, USA
Medical Advisory Board member, Diagnose.me

1.Make the right choice

Getting a second opinion from a specialized doctor brings you peace of mind - it helps you to be sure that you have considered all the options and that you or your loved ones are making the right choice for your health.
What do I need to get a second opinion online?

2.Reduce the risk of an incorrect diagnosis

Even experienced doctors can make mistakes. Studies show that getting a second medical opinion from a specialist can reduce the risk of misdiagnosis by up to 90%.

3.Avoid unnecessary treatment or surgery

In cases where a healthy patient is mistakenly diagnosed, he or she can undergo unnecessary, invasive, costly and even harmful treatment. What’s worse, potentially effective treatment can be delayed.

4.Eliminate the risk of human error

The specialist reading your MRI, CT or X-ray scans may be rushed off his or her feet, working in a busy, noisy department, they may have been working for hours on late night duty or they may simply lack experience with your specific medical problem.

5.Consult the specialist who is right for you

Through Diagnose.me you can reach top specialists at some of the best clinics in the world and ensure that your case is seen by an expert in your specific problem area. All Diagnose.me specialists have been carefully hand-picked and approved by our Medical Advisory Board. View the list of our specialists ready to help you here.

6.Even doctors request a second opinion

In some of the world's most effective medical systems, a doctor making a significant decision on your diagnosis and treatment is required to consult a colleague. Such consultations often lead to changes in diagnosis and treatment.

7.It takes just a few days and the cost starts from as little as 100€ for a complete report

Diagnose.me allows you to upload or send your MRI, CT or X-ray scans and receive an easily understandable report with a doctor second opinion online from, often within just 48 hours.

Why Diagnose.me

"When we manage to help just one person, one family in distress, we consider our job well done."

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

All our doctors are carefully selected and vetted. They are specialized and experienced in specific issues.

Client focused

Client focused

We empower patients. Our reports are written for the patient and family. You can always ask questions and even video chat with the specialist of your choice.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

We don’t share your data with anyone. Ever. We don’t even need your name. Once your case is finished and you are completely satisfied, we delete your data from our system.