Personalised oncology

Diagnostic test to help you find the most suitable cancer treatment.

What causes cancer?

Cancer is caused by alterations in the DNA, known as mutations, which cause cells to multiply and grow uncontrollably. While this is true for all cancer types, the differences in these mutations give each cancer its own identity. Understanding the genomic characteristics of individual tumours opens up the option for personalised targeted treatments.

What is Personalised oncology?

To help patients find the most appropriate treatment options, provides a comprehensive diagnostic test that examines the genetic structure of tumour cells. The test results identify the most effective and ineffective therapies and treatment plans based on the specific genomic profile of any given tumour. Collaboration with the patient’s treating oncologist is essential.

Why do we offer this service?

In addition to traditional chemotherapies, there are hundreds of targeted therapies already in clinical use (and many more in clinical development). However, the genomic tests that identify them are not yet commonly available in public healthcare. aims to provide access to such tests to anyone who might need them, especially when the traditional approach fails.


How can this help?

Patients receive a list of approved therapies and effective registered drugs for their specific genetic mutation (depending on the country, 30-100% of recommended therapies are commonly available). Given the wide range of possible genetic mutations, patients also receive recommendations for potentially effective therapies and available clinical trials, which broadens the scope of treatment possibilities. This approach minimises harm to healthy cells and enhances the effectiveness of the treatment while reducing its side effects.

Who is eligible?

The Personalised oncology service is designed to assist patients who have received a cancer diagnosis and are actively seeking personalised and targeted therapy options. Eligible patients need to provide a tissue or blood sample for analysis.

Patients unsure about their eligibility can contact our support team for guidance.

Our providers

The Personalised Oncology service is carried out by our certified scientific providers, Foundation Medicine, Inc. (Roche Holding AG), Oncompass Medicine and MultiplexDX, Inc. Together with your oncologist we help you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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How does it work?

0. Consultation

After consulting your oncologist, you will have the support of our team to choose the most suitable provider.

1. Order

Fill out an order form with relevant information and details about your medical history.

2. Sample

Your pathology lab sends an existing tissue or blood sample to one of the provider's laboratories.

3. Analysis

The sample undergoes in-depth analysis of its genetic and molecular features.

4. Report

A comprehensive report with identified genetic alterations and personalised treatement options is provided.

What is in the report?

  • Biomarker findings and genomic findings
  • Molecular and clinical interpretation
  • Approved therapies for patient’s specific tumour type
  • Potentially effective therapies approved for another tumour type
  • Available clinical trials
  • Available registered drugs

The content of the report may vary for each patient based on individual findings. Available treatment options are contingent on the patient's geographical location.


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Private patients

Independent patients can take control of their cancer journey and order the Personalised oncology service right away.

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