Erik Ranschaert, MD, PhD
Chief medical officer

Providing your clients with easy access to the world’s top medical specialists

We help clients to identify, confirm or correct their diagnosis and treatment options.

How can we help you grow

Get new sales and retention

Bring a new revenue stream to your company by selling service or boost sales of your existing product by adding service as a benefit.

Be unique, "Wow!"

Give your sales team an extra tool for sealing the deal. service is innovative, easy to explain and recognized by many.

Create a truly customer centric product

Every family may need an opinion from an expert on a health problem (whether local or international). Our service is clear, easy to sell and easy to use. It will make your products more attractive and practical.

Lead the way

Be the first offering your clients practical innovations. Our service is fully online, patient centric, used across the world and awarded for the highest quality.

How can we help you decrease cost

Early detection of underlying disease leads to successful treatments, less health care and insurance claims costs. 2nd medical opinion decreases risk of misdiagnoses by 90%.

Covered people 10.000 people
Service usage rate 5 %
Number of consultations 500
Corrected diagnosis rate 26 %
Number of corrected diagnoses 130
Average cost savings 13.000 EUR
Total cost savings 1.300.000 EUR

Some of our clients and partners

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How works

Step 1

Select a specialist
Use the search function for a list of the most suitable doctors for your medical issues.

Alternatively, call or chat online with a team member who can assist in your choice.

Step 2

Describe your situation
Describe your ailment and ask your specialist questions.

Upload or mail all of your medical data like MRIs, CT scans, doctor reports, and blood tests.

Step 3

Receive a comprehensive report
Response times are typically 3-5 days. You may ask followup questions.

An optional follow-up video call with the specialist you selected may be available.

Our specialists work for top hospitals and clinics worldwide

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Contact information

Interacting with customers via new innovative channels while delivering added value is essential for building customer loyalty.
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