Join us on our quest to democratize access to expert medical care.

Health is what matters the most and everyone should have equal access to the best possible expertise for their medical issues. We built to get closer to this vision and we cannot do it alone.



Serving more than 3.5 million members through partners across 6 countries.


complex cases solved

Since 2013, we have helped to solve over 7000 complex medical cases.


leading experts

Working with more than 160 specialists from 35 countries.



Our services are available in 25 languages.

Why partner with us?

Give your clients access

to the extra level of medical and preventive care with a patient-centered service that helps them feel truly cared for.


Get ahead of your competition

by introducing a unique benefit of digital health services, specifically tailored to the wants and needs of your business and your clients.


The international specialists platform


Local medical specialists


Mental health platform


Diagnostic blood tests


Preventive genetic tests


Personalized oncology

Attract new target groups

by providing them with a package of services that you can customize according to your specific use case.


Product-based customized package


Topic-based customized package

Create an innovative touchpoint

by offering our products as rewards for your clients in our virtual coaching app Aida. Users can unlock them by being active and adopting healthy habits


Aida Coach gathers useful information

about your customers’ health. It shows behavioural patterns and allows for a dynamic risk assessment.

information_1 information_2 information_3 information_4

Any information about user activity or fitness is collected after the explicit user consent and for any further processing this data is being anonymized and aggregated. We do not share any personal or health information of our customers.

Our Partners

More than 3.5 million members have access to our services thanks to our partners across 10 countries.

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Kevin Karabin

Business Development Manager