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Step 1

Select a specialist
Use the search function for a list of the most suitable doctors for your medical issues.

Alternatively, call or chat online with a team member who can assist in your choice.

Step 2

Describe your situation
Describe your ailment and ask your specialist questions.

Upload or mail all of your medical data like MRIs, CT scans, doctor reports, and blood tests.

Step 3

Receive a comprehensive report
Response times are typically 3-5 days. You may ask followup questions.

An optional follow-up video call with the specialist you selected may be available.

Sample medical opinion from one of our specialists

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  • Money back guarantee

Consultation Report and Multidisciplinary Consultation Report

What can you ask our specialists?

Is the proposed treatment the right one for me?
What could be the cause of my pain?
Is there any more information available about my health problem?
Could there be an alternative treatment?
Where can I get the best treatment?
What does my diagnosis mean?
What can you see on my MRI scan?

After your second opinion

We recommend that you always consult your treating physician on the results of your second opinion. If the second opinion report varies significantly from the first report, consult another independent specialist. If you are not satisfied with our report we will give you money back or arrange an alternate opinion at our costs. If the report is late, we will give you a refund.

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