Paediatric Neurology Team
Professor Bisdas, a prominent neuroradiologist, in collaboration with Dr Kinali, a paediatric neurologist, are promoting the introduction of a holistic approach rather than having multiple specialists providing medical expertise separately. Their goal is to create a comprehensive and integrated report that better serves the needs of both physicians and patients. Dr. Kinali discusses clinical details, diagnosis and prognosis. Her expertise in pediatric neurology is key in providing an in-depth analysis of a patient's condition. Professor Bisdas will contribute by presenting relevant radiological findings. His role is to provide a comprehensive overview of radiological aspects and offer valuable data that will enhance the diagnostic and prognostic accuracy of the report. This joint and integrated approach by both experts ensures that the final report will be more informative, comprehensive and ultimately more beneficial to the patient.

Approved by Medical Advisory Board on 08 May 2015

Sotirios Bisdas, MD, PhD, Prof.

United Kingdom
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Approved by Medical Advisory Board on 03 Jun 2023

Maria Kinali, MD

United Kingdom
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