Nicolas Roberto Robles, MD, PhD, Prof.

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Nicolas Roberto Robles, MD, PhD, Prof.

Consultant, Nephrology, Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz (Spain)

Nephrologist I have near 30 years of experience in clinical nephrology (diabetic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney disease, nephrosclerosis) and cardiovascular risk (Degree of Clinical Hypertension Specialist by the European Hypertension Society). I have wide experience in tuberous sclerosis and…

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About me

Medicine Doctor (University of Granada, School of Medicine, 1983). Resident Physician and Fellow of the Nephrology Department of Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Madrid (1985-1988). Degree of Specialist in Nephrology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid on 1989. Certificate of Clinical Specialist in Hypertension from the European Hypertension Society on 2001 (renewed in 2007 and 2012). Doctor of Philosophy (Universidad de Extremadura, 1991). Currently he is Senior Consultant Physician in Nephrology and Head of the Hypertension Unit of Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz. Associate Professor of Nephrology (Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz). Associated director of the Chair on Cardiovascular Risk University of Salamanca, School of Medicine). Member of the Spanish Dialysis and Transplant Patients Registry Committee (1996-2001) and National Coordinator of the European Renal Association- European Dialysis and Transplant Association Registry (1996-1999). Currently he is member of the Spanish Nephrology Society Research Committee. Vice-president of Spanish Hypertension Society (2008-2011).He has given more than one hundred and ninety conferences, presentations and seminars. Author or co-author of more than two hundred scientific publications and thirty one book chapters. Field of interest: chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, nephroesclerosis, hypertension and cardiovascular risk, rare kidney diseases).

Experience and training
  • January 1989 - Today
    Consultant, Nephrology, Hospital Infanta Cristina, Badajoz (Spain)
  • March 1989 - September 1991
    Doctor of Philosophy, University of Extremadura, Badajoz (Spain)
  • May 1985 - December 1988
    Fellow, Nephrology, Hospital Gregorio Marañon, Madrid (Spain)
  • April 1985 - December 1988
    Fellow, Nephrology, Hospital Gregorio Marañon. Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain)
  • October 1977 - July 1983
    M.D., University of Granada School of Medicine, Granada (Spain)
Licensures and memberships
Member of:
  • European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association
  • European Hypertension Society
  • American Society of Hypertension
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