MultiplexDX , MD

Approved by Medical Advisory Board on 27 Dec 2023

MultiplexDX , MD


Institution Highly accurate breast cancer diagnostic test for effective personalised treatment and assessment of therapy response.

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In the fight against breast cancer, accurate diagnosis is critical to saving lives. The mission of MultiplexDX is to eliminate cancer misdiagnosis by creating reliable, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tests.

Our advanced Multiplex8+ diagnostic test uses a breakthrough RNA quantification technology to provide accurate and reliable results and gives patients, their oncologists, and healthcare providers the confidence they need.

Multiplex8+ diagnostic test combines cutting-edge imaging techniques, laser capture microdissection of tissue, and next-generation sequencing with sophisticated algorithms to analyse breast tissue at the microscopic and molecular levels. This comprehensive approach enables accurate determination of diagnosis, the detection of tumour heterogeneity, and the design of effective personalised treatment.

Every patient is unique, and so should the treatment. Our Multiplex8+ diagnostic test goes beyond universal approaches. It provides personalised information that allows physicians and healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans to the needs of every individual.

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