Frank W Telang, MD

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Frank W Telang, MD

Neurology, Integrative Neurology, PC, Port Jeff Station (United States)


Neurologist • Head and Neck imaging
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I am a US Trained Neurologist. I grew up in the Midwest, and attended the Univ. of Michigan and then Univ. of Ohio for Undergraduate and Medical School. I also did Graduate Training in the Neurosciences at Michigan State Univ, Univ. of Colorado, and Arizona. After med school, I attended training in Internal Medicine and then Neurology with fellowship training in Neurodiagnostics. I found myself being a clinical neurologist at several hospitals on the East Coast of the US, but wanted to improve my education. So I went into Research Neuroimaging. Completed a 3 year fellowship with the National Institute of Health, then stayed with them as an Assoc. Scientist, then Full Scientist. I have over 100 publications and 4 text book chapters in Investigative Neuroimaging in a variety of disorders including Drug Addiction and Obesity, and in the mechanisms of actions of several medications, for example Modafinil.

I am married with children and have an active home life. Also active in athletics, in cycling, golf, and weightlifting.

Client reviews
  • 09 Oct 2018, Anonymous patient

    detailed and thorough

  • 09 May 2018, Anonymous patient

    Very good guy. I am very happy with the response I received regarding my concerns. Thank you for the detail and care taken while describing things to me.

  • 12 Dec 2017, Anonymous patient

    Very detailed report and explanations.
    A lot of knowledge and the most important, a finding and other point of views we didn't realize before.

Experience and training
  • May 1999 - Today
    Neurology, Integrative Neurology, PC, Port Jeff Station (United States)
  • September 2001 - April 2016
    Staff Clinician/Neurologist, NIH, Upton, NY (United States)
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  • American Academy of Neurology

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