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Chemotherapy vs. Targeted Therapies

Traditional chemotherapies usually kill all rapidly dividing cells in the body by interfering with cell division. Whereas targeted cancer therapies are drugs designed to interfere with specific molecules necessary for tumour growth and progression. A primary goal of targeted therapies is to fight cancer cells with more precision and potentially fewer side effects at the cause of the disease. In order to pinpoint the best available and most suitable targeted therapy we need to identify the gene mutations causing your cancer.

The Analysis and Targeted Therapy Recommendations

There are multiple cancer genes, and in each tumour 1 to 8 are altered. In order to choose the most suitable targeted therapy for you, a molecular diagnostic test identifies these alterations. For the analysis, we use a tumour tissue sample (ideally, the one that was used to diagnose your cancer), or we can also use liquid biopsies (blood sample). We extract DNA from the sample and may analyse up to 600 of the most important cancer genes.

After the molecular analysis we recommend the best available and most suitable targeted therapies in the world today. We have more than 1200 targeted drugs or drug combinations in clinical use or in clinical development, and more than 1400 clinical trials in our database. The eligibility of these drugs is cross-referenced with your cancer gene test; we list and prioritise both the potentially effective and the ineffective/contraindicated drugs. Based on your results, we also identify and rank the most appropriate current clinical trials targeting your tumour’s specific gene mutations. together with our science partners: Circulogene (US) and Oncompass Medicine (CH) offers not only the molecular diagnostic analysis but also oncologist counselling - targeted therapy recommendations, and direct decision support for your treating oncologist.

Photo Rupbert Bartsch, MD, Prof.
Rupert Bartsch, MD, Prof.

Oncologist with 15 years of experience. Focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and research int the field of target therapies. Director of the metastatic breast cancer program, co-director of the brain metastases program.

Photo Rupbert Bartsch, MD, Prof.
Doc. Stefan Korec, MD, Csc.

Oncologist with 32 years of experience specializing on genomics. Former head of National Oncology Center in Slovakia, later head of a Private Oncology Center in the US, New Mexico.

Who is the test for

All oncologists can use our services to integrate targeted therapies into your personalized treatment strategy. While it is possible that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery is your current best option, without knowing your molecular profile, your treating doctor does not have the full picture about the disease and does not have all the available information about potential effective and ineffective therapy options which should be avoided. See the list of cancer types covered or contact us for more details. Best results world- wide are achieved with breast, lung, colorectal and melanoma cancers.

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86% of our clients receive off-label therapy recommendation


For 48% of the cases we have confirmed the treatment according to the national protocol


In 37% of the cases we have identified negative association with targeted drugs

How it works

1. Send a Sample

Tumour tissue or just 4ml of your blood sample is enough for us to extract DNA and run the tests

2. Analysis with the RealTime Oncology Treatment Calculator™

Get your sample analyzed by a knowledge engine using rule-based artificial intelligence*

3. Get a Molecular Tumour Board Opinion and Targeted Treatment Recommendations

We analyse more than 3000 mutations across 50+ genes, and your report will be ready within 10 working days

4. Understand the Results – Consult with our Expert Oncologists

Our expert oncologist will explain available targeted treatment options for you and your treating oncologist

Personalised Molecular Treatment Report

With molecular diagnostic analyses of tumor tissues or liquid biopsies, we identify gene mutations and recommend best available targeted treatments. Our clients also receive off-label therapy recommendation for marketed drugs, and also for compounds in ongoing clinical trials

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Members of selected insurance companies have free access to this service

  • Molecular testing of up to 600 genes
  • Report of effective and ineffective or contraindicated drugs
  • Dedicated expert in contact with you or treating oncologist
  • Sample Shipping

Certified Partners

We are the official partner of Circulogene Liquid Biopsy for Central and Eastern Europe. FDA and CE approved test. and Oncompass Medicine Switzerland.