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Diagnose.me was willing to help, provided understanding and a high-level medical expertise (specifically MUDr. Tatár, Prof. Petros Efthimiou and MUDr. Frank W. Telang). The whole platform and staff are very professional, and I strongly recommend them to everyone who needs help…

- Stanislav, Slovakia

I am very satisfied with the Diagnose.me services and would certainly recommend it. I am happy that there is a reliable service that a patient can turn to in hard times.

- Ivana Tedlova, Slovakia

Diagnose.me is a much needed service. I look forward to a continued relationship with Diagnose.me. I am a customer for life.

- Lisa H.

As I have been previously let down by the health service, an unbiased opinion was important to me. I have since been diagnosed with vasculitis, a rare inflammatory disease, which explains the various symptoms I suffered from. If needed, I would not hesitate to use Diagnose.me again - for my peace of mind.

- Louisa Taylor, United Kingdom

Dr. Karas also recommended a suitable treatment plan for me and suggested I contact Jeroen Bosch Hospital, one of the main hospitals treating Multiple Sclerosis in the Netherlands, where I finally received medical guidance.

- Nikita Plotnikov, Ukraine

It’s important to me that I feel fit, but also that I keep in shape. Following my NHS MRI scan, I still didn’t feel in control of the situation and wanted to be much better informed.

- Toni Clarkson, United Kingdom

I was immensely pleased to have received an alternative suggestion to the surgery! I really appreciate the detailed interpretation of the images, which were explained to me in a very easy-to-understand language, suitable for a non-medical person.

- Brian Davis, United Kingdom

Online second opinion report had both depth and clarity. The doctor precisely described my diagnosis and provided me with recommendations for further examinations. I have been very impressed with the speed of the response as my report was completed over a weekend!

- Mathew Jones, Ireland

The reports provided by Diagnose.me experts helped me to finally get the correct treatment and I’m very thankful to Diagnose.me for making it possible for me to connect with them.

- Ashley Smith, Oman

Not being physically active for 5-6 weeks is a big deal for me. I was looking for a specialist, who had extensive experience in dealing with the exact problem I was having, who could help me decide what’s best for me. Should I have a serious medical issue in the future, I will certainly consult a specialist again. People shouldn’t hesitate to investment in their health.

- Rastislav Machunka, Slovakia

I was undergoing physiotherapy to build back the strength in my elbow, however each time I was in the gym it was making it worse and within a few weeks the area was becoming sore and swollen. After receiving results from my doctor, I felt that the feedback wasn’t clear and I wanted more of an answer.

- Adrian Coleman, Ireland

When a friend recommended Diagnose.me, I was immediately intrigued by the prospect of being able to consult an international expert, without actually having to travel outside of the UK! Now I feel happy that I am following the right advice and will therefore continue with my current treatment plan and hope for slow and steady improvement.

- Nicky, United Kingdom

What else our clients say about us

"Excellent service and precise interpretation of my MRI, which differs from my primary radiologist's impression. This service is excellent, reliable and Prof. Vilanova gave a very clear interpretation."

- Talal Ali, United Arab Emirates
"Thanks again for the detailed report. I am not worried about these cysts anymore and I can focus on other things."

- David Lewis, United Kingdom
"The interpretation of my scans was very quick, thorough and precise. Conditions were picked up, that were not highlighted on another interpretation. Dr Karas ensured that all of my questions and concerns regarding his interpretation were addressed to relieve my worry."

- Paul Moore, Ireland
"Dr. Wolf, thank you very much for such an easy understandable report that helped a lot. It is a complex and difficult case of pancreatic cancer and we had doctors telling us different opinions. Your report was the most understandable and comprehensive one, you explained in detail all the findings and gave us suggestions for next steps and treatment."

- Alexandra Petrovska, Ukraine

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"When I faced a difficult disease, there was no easy way how to get in touch with the world’s best radiologists."

- Ivan Stefunko, co-founder

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