Services and Pricing


  • One specialist of your choice
  • Delivery in 1 to 7 working days
  • Patient friendly language
  • Case manager
100€ - 250€


  • Team of doctors of your choice. The team works together to assess the problem from all angles.
  • Delivery in 10 working days
  • Patient friendly language
  • Case manager
650€ - 1500€

Additional services

available with your consultation report
Report translation
The translation of the report into 25 languages (will take up to 2 days)
Video call with specialist
Follow-up video call with your specialist to discuss the case
50€ - 100€
Additional documents
Upload additional documents for your specialist to consider (beyond the case limit)
of the specialists fee for every additional document (min. 20 EUR per study)
Media mailing
Return delivery of your CD, DVD, or USB drive. Includes processing
Summarization of medical documents
Сумирање и превод на вашите документи од медицинско лице. Задолжително за сите клиенти кои поднесуваат документација на јазик различен од англискиот.

Why specialists have different fees and delivery times?

Each specialist and provider on sets their own fee and delivery time. Fees usually reflect the rates charged in the country where they practice, as well as their level of expertise, demand for their services and how fast they are able to prepare your report.

A lower report price does not mean lower quality as all of our specialists are top experts in their field.