Доставят най-високото качество

Diagnose.me е онлайн платформа посветена на намаляването на риска от грешни диагнози, като свързва милиони пациенти с най-добрите специалисти в света. Въпреки че не сме доставчици на здравни грижи, Diagnose.me все пак е част от бизнеса, който се занимава с чувствителни здравни проблеми.

За да осигурим че ще доставим най-високото ниво на услуги до пациентите ни и също така напълно да подпомогнем нуждите на нашите специалисти, ние създадохме Медицинския Консултативен Съвет, в който сме щастливи да заявим, че участват 7 видни личности, всички от които са световни лидери в сферата на рентгенологията.

Медицинският Консултативен Съвет осигурява възможно най-високото качество във всяка сфера.

  • Проверявайки и одобрявайки препоръките на всеки специалист, който се включи в мрежата на Diagnose.me
  • Управлявайки и давайки съвети по медицински проблеми
  • Достигайки и поддържайки най-високото ниво на качество

Членовете на Медицинския Консултативен Борд обсъждат бъдещето на медицината

Meet the members of our Medical Advisory Board


Florian Wolf, MD, Prof.

Vice Director of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Division,
I work as a radiologist since 2002. I’m specialized in Cardiac Radiology as well as in Interventional Radiology and Interventional Oncology including Oncology Imaging and I do also lot of Musculoskeletal Imaging. I’m the author or co-author of around 44 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and got 3 Awards.

Diagnose.me is a very professional international service with specialists from all over the world. Scrolling through the radiologists offering their services on Diagnose.me is like exploring the Who-is-Who of radiology.


Erik Robert Ranschaert, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer at Diagnose.me,
I’m a clinical radiologist at Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, a large teaching hospital in the south of the Netherlands. My main fields of interest are abdominal and musculoskeletal radiology and I also perform Cardiac CT. I have a particular interest in teleradiology and internet applications for radiology. I’m a member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) Leadership Institute, a select group of professionals, contributing to the ESR's activities and consulting on current issues, as well as Board Member at European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics.

This platform is really aiming for global public. We can serve patients in more than 20 languages and this is distinguishing us from other types of services.


Valentin Sinitsyn, MD, PhD, Prof.

President of European Society of Cardiac Radiology, Russia
I’ve been active in the field of radiology since 1986, working in the Department of Radiology of the All-Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia until 2008 and for the last 7 years as Head of the Radiology Department of the Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation. In addition I’ve taught radiology to residents and medical students since 1996 and have been an invited speaker at multiple national and international conferences and meetings. I’m currently President of the European Congress of Radiology and Vice-President of the Russian Federation of Radiologists and the European Society of Cardiac Radiology. Recently I became an honorary member of the American College of Radiology.

It’s completely new approach to the world of second opinion. Service is extremely opened, friendly and honest. I know that more and more patients are looking for second opinion and advice.


Bhavin Govindji Jankharia, MD

President of the Indian Radiology & Imaging Association, India
I’ve been a practicing radiologist for almost 20 years and have interpreted more than 100,000 CT scans and 75,000 MRI scans in this period. My main interests are in chest, musculoskeletal and cardiac radiology and image-guided intervention. I’m also the President of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association as well as Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging, the peer-reviewed journal of the Association.

It’s all about patient empowerment. Diagnose.me helps patients to gain control over the situation and we as radiologists become patient’s advocates.


Frits Hendrik Binkhuysen , MD

Former president of Radiology Society of Netherlands, Netherlands
I’m a European certified radiologist and an entrepreneur and governor in health care. I’ve been active in the domain of healthcare IT since the 1980s. I participated in many projects involving digital imaging in the Netherlands and internationally. My special fields of interest in radiology are socio-economics and internet applications (teleradiology, e-health).

I really think that there is a need for it for second opinions. There is no other website which can give you the same quality as Diagnose.me can give.


Paul Algra, MD

I’m a European certified radiologist specialized in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology and cardiac radiology. Since 1992, I have been the Radiology Residency-Program Director at the Alkmaar Medical Center in the Netherlands. In addition to my medical practice, I’ve also written 3 books on radiology and co-authored 140 scientific publications, out of which 40 can be found on PubMed.

I really think that there is a need for it for second opinions. There is no other website which can give you the same quality as Diagnose.me can give.


Gerd Silberhumer, MD, Prof.

Associate Professor for Surgery
I have experience in general surgery for more than 10 years. My main topics are colorectal surgery, surgical oncology, minimal invasive surgery and transplant surgery. I finished my education in Vienna at Medical University and completed a surgical oncology/colorectal fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My scientific interest is mainly in colorectal cancer and transplantation. In addition I am member of the scientific advisory board of Lumendi LTD. This company aims to develop new tools for endoscopic GI procedures.

Diagnose.me provides a global network of specialists in different medical fields and offers simple access to professional medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations for everyone.


William G. Bradley, MD

Chairman of Radiology Department
In addition to being Chairman of the Radiology Department at University California San Diego, I’ve published over 200 papers, 54 chapters, and 21 textbooks, including the first general MRI text in the field, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I’m also a past President of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and have won its 2 highest honours for my research. I was also on the Board of Trustees of the Radiological Society of North America.

The nice thing about Diagnose.me is that it makes the power of second opinion by an expert available to everybody!

Тъжни сме, че изгубихме такъв изключителен приятел и член на МАС. Bill Bradley беше светило в света на рентгенологията и пионер в телерентгенологията. Ще си го спомняме, като вдъхновяващ и топъл човек, който ни окуражи да превърнем този проект в огромен успех.