Vikas Shah, MD

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Vikas Shah, MD

Consultant Radiologist, Spire Leicester, Leicester (United Kingdom)

Коремни изображения Специализиран коремна образен диагностик с фокус върху изображения на тазовото дъно, ЯМР, КT колоноскопия, ЯМР на тънките черва, както и общи КТ & ЯМР на корема и таза.

Коремни изображения
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15 години
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"I learned about Dr. Shah's expertise while researching about proctograms ('defecography' for Americans) on the Internet, and was very happy to find out that he offers second opinions through Dr. Shah confirmed my original diagnosis, but more importantly, he filled in the gaps in my understanding of my condition and carefully answered all of my questions. Now, with a more complete picture of what I am dealing with, I feel better prepared to discuss treatment options with my doctor. Thank you Dr. Shah for your kindness and professionalism. "

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Моята под-специалност е коремна образна диагнистика с опит в:
- изображения на тазовото дъно с рентген / флуороскопско и ЯМР дефакираща проктография, за оценка на симптоми като чревен пролапс, инконтиненция и затруднение при отваряне червата
- КТ колоноскопия за откриване на рак на дебелото черво и полипи
- ЯМР на тънките черва за оценка на болестта на Крон
- общ КТ & ЯМР на корема и таза

В момента съм консултант-рентгенолог в Спайър Лестър във Великобритания. Също съм учител по образна диагностика и научен изследовател.

Отзиви на клиенти
  • 13 Jan 2018, Frances Nelson

    Once again Dr Shah is an excellent doctor and has given me clarity on my road to good health.
    I thank the diagnose me team very much

  • 15 Dec 2015, Anonymous patient

    Excellent and speedy service - would definitely recommend Dr Shah

  • 24 Sep 2015, Anonymous patient

    Dr Shah's report is clear and extensive, and has given me a very in depth understanding of my health situation.
    I am very grateful for his expertise,which will help me to make important decisions about any future surgery.
    I also asked Dr Shah to explain some points in less biological terms for my better understanding and his reply was very polite and informative.

Опит и обучение
  • Май 2012 - Днес
    Consultant Radiologist, Spire Leicester, Leicester (United Kingdom)
  • Септември 2006 - Октомври 2011
    Specialist Registrar, Clinical Radiology, Imperial College, London (United Kingdom)
  • Февруари 2005 - Август 2006
    Senior House Officer, General Medicine, Barts and Royal London, London (United Kingdom)
  • Август 2004 - Февруари 2005
    Senior House Officer, Accident and Emergency, North Middlesex University Hospital, London (United Kingdom)
  • Февруари 2004 - Август 2004
    Pre-registration House Officer, General Surgery, North Middlesex University Hospital, London (United Kingdom)
  • Август 2003 - Февруари 2004
    Pre-registration House Officer, General Medicine, King George Hospital, Essex (United Kingdom)
Лицензии и членства
Член на:
  • British Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology
  • European Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology
  • British Institute of Radiology
  • Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR)
  • Royal College of Physicians (MRCP)
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