Gianluca Argentieri, MD

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Gianluca Argentieri, MD

Cardio-Thoracic and general Consultant Radiologist, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano EOC, Lugano (Switzerland)

Белодробни изображения Международен европейски опит: Рим, болница Кингс Колидж в Лондон, Лил във Франция и Швейцария. Опит в онкологията, сърдечно-торакална, коремна и травматологична образна диагностика.

Белодробни изображения Онкологични изображения Коремни изображения
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6 години
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MRI, CT • Ultrasound • X-ray
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MRI, CT • Ultrasound • X-ray
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"I was worried for a suspected lung nodule on a recently-performed thoracic X-ray of my mother-in-law. The second opinion of Dr. Argentieri was detailed and easily understandable. Dr. Argentieri clearly discussed the nature of this radiographic alteration, which seems to be as of normal finding in people of her age, differently from what it was stated in the original report of the exam. Moreover, he also described an esophageal finding which helped my mother-in-law focusing and understanding some complaints she was experiencing since the last few months. Then, he gave her many pieces of advice in order to further explore this finding. I strongly recommend Dr. Argentieri for a second opinion. Thank you, Dr. Argentieri! "

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Имам международен европейски опит: медицинско образование в унивеситета "Ла Сапиенца" в Рим, специално обучение в престижната Кингс Колидж болница в Лондон, както и специализация в Болница Calmette - Университетски център в Лил, Франция.

В момента аз съм референтен сърдечно-гръден рентгенолог в Тичино, Швейцария.

Основният ми фокус е онкология, стомашно-чревна, пикочо-полова и травмологична образна диагностика, но имам опит във всички видове рентгенология.

Client reviews
  • 22 Feb 2020, Lucifer

    Thanks, very good report

  • 30 Mar 2017, Anonymous patient

    Thanks for your quick answer. I will follow your advice to go under gastroscopie and I will give you feedback .
    Kind regards
    Blažena Kolláriková

  • 24 Sep 2016, Anonymous patient

    The report was delivered very quickly - within 24 hours. The reporting itself is very informative and logical - much more informative than the original first opinion. Additionally, further actions for my condition were advised. Overall, I can highly recommend Dr. Argentieri for the second opinion.

Experience and training
  • Януари 2011 - Днес
    Cardio-Thoracic and general Consultant Radiologist, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano EOC, Lugano (Switzerland)
  • Ноември 2009 - Ноември 2010
    Las, King's College Hospital, London (United Kingdom)
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  • M54744, Italy • Verification URL
  • MEBEKO Swiss certificate for general and specialist practice GNL7601000992451, Switzerland
  • GMC reference number: 7030901, United Kingdom • Verification URL
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  • ESR, ESTI, SoRsi
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