Andrei E. Tsoriev, MD, PhD

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Andrei E. Tsoriev, MD, PhD

Chief Radiologist, Yekaterinburg Municipal Healthcare Department, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Неврорадиолог Сертифициран по неврология в допълнение към невро-рентгенология. Главен Рентгенолог в Общинския здравен отдел в Екатеринбург с почти 20-годишен опит. Главен консултант за няколко други клиники и повечето местни болници. Публикувани повече от 50 научни статии и две образователни книги.

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25 години
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"Dr Tsoriev is absolutely amazing! Excellent, very detailed report was provided incredibly quickly. I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone seeking more clarity on their diagnosis, condition, or treatment plan! His report is so detailed and explains everything. He even picked up on issues which had not been identified in the original report. Honestly - this is the only Doctor I'd now want to review any mris!! Now I can get my quality of life back thanks to his second opinion. You're simply the best!!! "

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В допълнение към образната диагностика, аз съм и сертифициран невролог. В момента съм на главен в рентгенолог Общинския здравен отдел на Екатеринбург и имам почти 25-годишен опит в най-голямата болница в Екатеринбург, Русия. Фокусиран съм основно върху магнитен резонанс (ЯМР) и компютърна томография (КТ). В продължение на повече от 13 години съм бил главен консултант на няколко други клиники и повечето местни болници.

От 2002 г. преподавам в Уралския държавен медицински университет. Имам публикувани над 50 научни статии в неврологията, ревматологията и рентгенологията и съм автор на две образователни книги.

Отзиви на клиенти
  • 20 Dec 2023, Anonymous patient

    Thank you very much for your professional opinion, it was easy to understand and very useful for me.

  • 25 Aug 2023, Anonymous patient

    It was processed very quickly and the report was formulated in a comprehensible and clear way.

  • 06 Feb 2023, Anonymous patient

    Extremely professional, thorough. He kindly labelled everything and put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Dr Tsoriev and will most definitely be using him again very soon. Thank you for your time Dr, it was greatly appreciated.

Опит и обучение
  • Януари 2011 - Днес
    Chief Radiologist, Yekaterinburg Municipal Healthcare Department, Yekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Февруари 2001 - Днес
    Assistant, Ural State Medical University, Yekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Ноември 1999 - Днес
    Radiologist, Municipal Clinical Hospital No.40, Yekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Април 1997 - Днес
    Radiologist, Regional Clinical Hospital No.1, Yekaterinburg (Russia)
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  • Radiological Society of North America
  • European Society of Rdiology
  • Radiological Society of North America
  • European Society of Rdiology
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  • Dr. Tsoriev is an excellent radiologist which sound diagnostic skills, broad experience, great motivation and accuracy. I know him through collaboration at, where he has submitted cases to a very high standard.

    Yuranga Weerakkody