Mesut Remzi, MD, Prof.

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Mesut Remzi, MD, Prof.

Professor of Urology, Medical University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna (Австрія)

Уролог Main expertise and focus: urooncology. Especially the minimal invasive operative management of kidney tumors, prostate cancer, adrenal tumors, and bladder cancer.

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22 роки
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MRI, CT • Ultrasound • X-ray • Nuclear Imaging • Blood lab results • Doctor report • Tumor biopsy material
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3 робочі дні
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I´m a full training Professor of Urology at the Medical University of Vienna and at the Privatklinik Döbling. My specialty is urooncology including all major surgeries laparoscopic, robot-assisted or open. My main focus is on minimal invasive functional preventive urooncology especially in kidney, prostate, bladder and adrenal surgery. I also provide systemic therapies within urooncology.

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  • 15.05.2024, Анонімний пацієнт

    high satisfaction

  • 02.04.2024, Анонімний пацієнт

    Thank you for sending the expert opinion, which was comprehensible even for a layman. I was surprised by the big difference in the classification of tumor aggressiveness, which also saddens me, because from a professional point of view, I did not expect significantly different opinions of doctors, which in my opinion should not exist in practice and can negatively affect the patient's recovery. It is simply sad.

  • 11.12.2023, Анонімний пацієнт

    I thank the professor for the report. I received additional professional recommendations for myself.

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  • Січень 2000 - сьогоднішній день
    Professor of Urology, Medical University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna (Австрія)
  • Січень 2000
    Professor of Urology, Medical University of Vienna, Urology, Medical University of Vienna, Urology, Vienna (Австрія)
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  • 37758-08, Австрія
  • European Association of Urology
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