The Medical Advisory Board invites you to join our platform connects patients with carefully selected medical specialists from prestigious clinics across the world. With you can give your professional advice to the patients regardless of their location.

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It’s completely new approach to the world of second opinion. This service is extremely opened, friendly and honest. I know that more and more patients are looking for second opinion and advice.
Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn, MD
I fully support the idea of patient empowerment and is a great tool which helps them to get another expert opinion. With I can help patients from around the world and also receive interesting cases.
Prof. Majda Thurnher, MD
I joined because it is the future of healthcare. I am able to receive cases from patients around the world, manage them smoothly with my account and deliver my report at a price and turnaround time that is convenient for me.
Prof. Joan Vilanova, MD
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The Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board is composed of eight leading international specialists who ensure the highest quality of medical service. Each medical specialist at has to meet strict criteria set by the Medical Advisory Board.

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What happens when you join us?

You will create an account from which you can access You will be able to fill out your profile showcasing your specialisations and experience. In order to be approved, you will be required to submit documents supporting your credentials.

How works?

  • People find you
    Based on details of your specialisation, education, practice, research and endorsements from your peers or patients who have used your services.
  • People upload their documentation and questions
    Patients fill-in their medical history, upload relevant medical data and send their questions to you online.
  • You give advice
    You should provide advice in the form of a report within the timeframe you indicated in your profile. Patients should use the report to consult with their local treating physicians to confirm or correct the primary diagnosis and determine their treatment plan.

Consultation Report and Multidisciplinary Consultation Report


You set the price. The price you charge for providing your medical opinion is completely up to you. The same goes for a time you set aside for providing your expertise on and the turn-around-time you set for delivering the report. Based on these criteria, you will be visible to patients seeking your area of specialisation. Current rates of our specialists or institutions range from 100 € to 300 €.

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