Call Doctor

We offer a unique assistance call center to the clients of our partners that is providing consultations on any questions regarding their health or the health of their loved ones.

  12 hours a day
  365 days a year
Available for Whole family  
Available All over Slovakia  

Timely and reliable information about the COVID-19 disease

It is important not to succumb to panic and to obtain information from relevant sources.

Use Call Doctor and ask about the new coronavirus. Our medical team will describe symptoms, behavior, and the spread of the virus and recommend how best to protect yourself from the infection.

We will explain exactly how to proceed in suspected cases and answer questions about the myths propagated in society.

We offer

multiple services

Call Doctor acts as a consultancy service and health team provides only recommendations that the client is not obliged to follow. The counselling is based on information obtained through an oral description of the client's medical condition. Call doctor is not a healthcare provider in any way. Securing client privacy is our priority. All processes are GDPR compliant.

Connection with the application


Call doctor works well with the AIDA application, which takes care of the overall health and a healthy lifestyle. If AIDA recommend to consult your doctor, one click connects you with our medical team

For potential


Would you like a unique benefit for your clients? Give them extra care with the service Call Doctor.

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