Patient’s story: Dr. Bartsch from helped me understand my mom’s diagnosis

“I am very satisfied with the service and would certainly recommend it. I am happy that there is a reliable service that a patient can turn to in hard times.”

Ivana Tedlova, Slovakia
Ivana Tedlova, Slovakia

My mom fell sick and was diagnosed with a stage IV lung cancer. My world collapsed. Immediately, I started looking on the internet about her illness so that I could somehow help her. Unfortunately, my medicine knowledge is poor and the local doctor seemed professional. Moreover, the doctor was talking mostly only to my mom, who can no longer interpret the information very well and we remained in the dark. After the last time the local doctor was unwilling to meet with me, I started looking for an explanation from another oncologist. He recommended further examinations and re-diagnosis. However, I was unable to make a decision and was afraid if I understood him properly.

This is when I contacted
The oncologist explained the diagnosis and treatment in detail and confirmed that further examination is necessary as well. Professor Bartsch’ report helped me to better understand the diagnosis and prepare for further discussion with my mom’s oncologist. I also had some follow up question for the professor and he answered very promptly.