Valentin Sinitsyn, MD, PhD, Prof.

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Valentin Sinitsyn, MD, PhD, Prof.

Head of Radiology Chair and Department, Radiology, University Hospital of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow (Russia)

Коремни изображения Един от водещите европейски образни диагностици с над 30-годишен опит. Бивш председател на Европейския конгрес по образна диагностика и настоящ Президент на Руската асоциация по образна диагностика.

Коремни изображения Сърдечни изображения Неврорадиолог Онкологични изображения Съдови изображения
Моят опит
40 години
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MRI, CT • X-ray • Nuclear Imaging • Blood lab results • Doctor report
Този специалист приема педиатрични случаи.
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"Words cannot describe just how brilliant my experience with diagnose,me was, I will try: It was easy to do (which is saying something for a techno dinosaur like myself), the response was quick (much, much quicker than local doctors), the feedback from the doctor was comprehensive and thorough...but, more importantly than all of this: he picked up something that none of the other doctors have noticed in over four years of me having pain and having seen nearly 30 specialists in my own country. I am incredibly grateful and wish I could give Doctor Sinitsyn a big thank you hug! From now on, if I ever need any medical diagnosis I will get Dr. Sinitsyn to give a second was invaluable."

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В момента съм на президент на Рускoтo дружество по образна диагностика и ръководител на отдела по образна диагнотика във Федералния център за лечение и рехабилитация в Москва. Аз също съм председател по образна диагностика в Московския Държавен Университет Ломоносов и преподавам образна диагностика от 1996 г. насам. Между 2012 и 2014 бях президент на Европейската асоциация по кардио-рентгенология, а през 2014 бях президент и на Европейския конгрес по образна диагностика. Бил съм също така президент на Руския национален рентгенологичен конгрес през 2011 г. и 2015 г. и съм почетен член на Американския колеж по образна диагностика (FACR).

Работата на моя отдел обхваща всички основни области на образната диагностика. Моят опит включва също телерентгенология, гръдни, сърдечни, коремни, тазови, нервни, онкологични изображения, както и такива на главата и шията, на костите и ставите.

Автор и съавтор съм на 8 книги, над 120 медицински публикации, глави от книги, учебници, и съм сред най-цитираните руски рентгенолози. Често съм канен за говорител на множество национални и международни конференции, лауреат на Руската държавна награда за наука и образование през 2011 г. и член на Консултативния медицински съвет на

Професор, доктор по медицина, FACR, EBCR.

Отзиви на клиенти
  • 17 Jun 2022, Anonymous patient

    The report is professional and contains lots of information, and was delivered on time. Thank you.

  • 02 Jul 2021, Juljan Myftari

    One of the best experiences had with online services ever!

    In the beginning, I had some perplexities since I had never used an online medical service. It is normal to have doubts on the internet because anyone can pretend to give you services and does not give the exact service that advert.
    In any case, I sent my files through to professor Valentin Sinitsyn, one of the leading European radiologists.
    The report was incredibly professional detailed and was clear that he has spent time in the process. Moreover, the professor has consulted other materials I sent to him through the site that had only indirect relation with the case I sent him. So he went beyond its duty. He further advised us on what is best to do and explained its suggestions.
    After that, just to be sure that the report was written by him, I contacted him through his personal/official email. He confirmed that the report was written to him and very kindly gave me further advice!
    I can't stress enough how helpful this experience was!

  • 07 May 2021, Anonymous patient

    I am very satisfied with the detailed and professional MRI report that was provided to me by Prof. Sinitsyn. Thanks a lot!

Опит и обучение
  • Януари 2006 - Днес
    Head of Radiology Chair and Department, Radiology, University Hospital of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow (Russia)
  • Януари 1988 - Януари 2008
    Radiologist and Senior Researcher, Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow (Russia)
  • Септември 1984 - Август 1991
    Resident and Fellow, Radiology, All-Union Cardiology Centre, Sechenov Medical University (Moscow), Moscow (Russia)
  • Януари 1978 - Януари 1984
    Professor of Radiology, Radiology, Sechenov Moscow Medical University, Moscow (Russia)
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Член на:
  • European Society of Radiology (ESR)
  • RSNA
  • ISR
  • European Society of Cardiac Radiology (ESСR)
  • American College of Radiology (ACR)
  • Russian Society of Radiology
  • French Society of Radiology
  • Serbian Society of Radiology
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