Aida digital health platform: an innovative tool for a complex care

The unique combination of a personalized virtual coaching, a game-like rewarding program, and a connection to real-life medical specialists represents a new generation of health care that will make your product trendy and attractive.

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Personal health assistant that fits into your clients’ pockets

Aida operates in three complementary sections that are designed to guide, motivate and take care of users on their way towards a healthy lifestyle. With Aida, getting healthy is easy, fun and rewarding!

Make your customers know you care thanks to Aida's person-centered approach

Aida offers a wide range of coaching programs with equal focus on medical conditions, prevention, lifestyle and mental health. The content is tailored to the needs of the individual and paired with the preferred incentives to ensure progress.


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Attract new target groups and add value to your product by making it fun and engaging

Aida will help you connect with your existing customers and attract new ones. Using gamification, behavioral psychology, and interactivity, Aida keeps users entertained and they can experience the benefits of your product right away.

Inspire real change and earn your customers' loyalty

Aida aims to achieve a real behavioral and performance change in your customers by building a continuous relationship with them. Customers are rewarded for using Aida and their progress in a way that makes them want to keep using it.


All our Digital Therapies are backed by real medical tests

Measurable health outcomes are only possible when we know what is going on in the body on a chemical level. Therefore we work with Europe's leading laboratories and measure the most important biomarkers in order to provide the most accurate advice.

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Be unique and progressive
thanks to data-driven personalization

Simple and intuitive interactions enable AIDA to collect data effortlessly and almost invisibly. AIDA then creates unique personalized content for each customer and provides valuable data that can help shape your products in the future.

Aida is backed by a recognized medical authority

Aida is more than a virtual lifestyle app. It is interconnected with real-life medical specialists from the platform. Digital content is linked with inputs from live professionals in a way that creates a unique feedback loop.

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Easy to implement
and highly customizable

There is no extra effort required to include Aida with your services. It comes as a stand-alone app or through an API. We take care of most IT processes and adjust and customize the app so that it targets your specific use case.



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Aida is a unique tool to promote healthier communities, build an active user base and achieve real behavioral or performance change in your clients. Aida is organized into three sections focused on different contents and incentives while being interconnected. Implementing outcomes from focus groups and avoiding mistakes of our competitors, we have designed a best practice model for all sections that includes short and punchy pieces of information, benign and invisible data collection, and simple and intuitive UI elements (buttons, swipeable info cards).

Aida Coach helps users create sustained habits that lead to reaching their goals. Aida breaks the goal down into several categories and each category consists of groups of tips. Attacking the goal from all angles increases the chance of success, even if the user does not follow all of Aida's tips.

Aida Rewards keeps users motivated for as long as possible by rewarding them for their progress. The user can select from various rewards and collect points for being active and fulfilling little tasks.

Aida Doctor connects users with real-life coaches and medical specialists. It also includes an AI-based symptom-checker. It evaluates user's health risks and prepares health reports. Based on data from Coach, Doctor can suggest medical solutions and preventive measures.

Aida can target a wide range of different health issues people deal with while also providing a complex and specific program for each of them

Living healthy is a vague concept. People respond better to specific goals, which are easily grasped and can be visualized. Almost everyone has an immediate goal that they want to achieve and may already be working towards.

Aida can target a wide range of different health issues people deal with while also providing a complex and specific program for each of them

Aida is designed to reduce the cognitive load on the user in order to sustain engagement. This also makes using it easy and most importantly, fun. Aida uses elements of behavioral psychology to keep users engaged and entertained, such as completing short loops, displaying progress, frequently celebrating achievement, and interactive content.

Aida's most vital goal is to get users to be active. After a reward is chosen, the easiest way to collect points is to stay active. Aida tracks user's daily activity, including the number of steps, running, cycling, swimming etc. Once they meet the daily goal, they can collect points for it and get closer to unlocking the reward. Aida does not require daily usage - activity is being tracked constantly. Every time the user gets back, they can see their progress up to one week into the past and collect their points. The way of claiming points is interactive and designed to make users look forward to it.

We acknowledge that what motivates people the best is being rewarded for their accomplishments. External incentives are very effective at nudging people down the road towards a healthy lifestyle. After adopting healthy behaviors in the long term, users get also motivated by the benefits they get from being healthy. Aida Rewards is simply a tool to encourage users to adopt healthy behaviors long enough for them to feel the benefits.

Beginning with onboarding, users work towards a specific reward of their choice. They can earn rewards simply by using the app. The more valuable the reward, the more points are required to claim it. Points can be earned by being active and by fulfilling tasks from Aida. There are several reward categories: minimal effort to achieve (used to demonstrate the functionality, part of onboarding, least valuable, e.g. coffee), easily achievable (takes 2-4 weeks to achieve, e.g. cinema ticket), intermediate difficulty (takes 2-4 months to achieve, e.g. coach consultation), stretch rewards (takes 6+ months to achieve, most valuable, e.g. fitness tracker or genetic test). provides one reward from each category. Partner can decide to provide rewards of its own according to their preference or sponsor more rewards in each category.

Most lifestyle and health-related apps are overly demanding and require everyday input – counting calories, filling out long questionnaires, describing details of everyday life – things users lose patience with quickly. Aida learns about the user throughout the app and adapts accordingly. Each user interaction helps Aida to create a profile with no extra effort from the user. The profile is continuously updated, and content is tailored to each user profile.

Tips are practical pieces of information designed specifically for the purpose of achieving selected goals. They are short, actionable, punchy, and easily understood. With each tip, there is an intuitive interaction that indicates preferences of the user. User behavior is used to build a profile and content is continuously tailored to such profile.

Almost invisible data collection enables Aida to gather useful information about your customer base. It allows for a dynamic risk assessment and thus has a potential for a dynamic pricing tool.

Aida is fully brandable with no integration needed by the partner. will implement partner's design philosophy and brand messaging. Aida can also be localized into different languages quickly. We acknowledge different use cases our partners have and can adjust Aida to best suit them. In the case of insurance companies, Aida can be primarily set to lower churn rates by positive interaction or even as a pricing tool, as it lowers health risks for your customers. For banks, it is a great tool for cross-selling, as it was proven that physical health is directly related to financial health. Aida can also attract new target groups and widen your portfolio of services. Moreover, Aida serves as a great use case of modern connectivity for a provider of telecommunications services.

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Aida's distribution and on boarding strategy is based on years of experience has with providing high quality digital health services to a wide range of customers all over the world. It aims for a smooth user experience and at the same time, it minimizes the partner's implementation load.

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150 doctors
from 35 countries

In,we have a clear vision about the kind of health care we want to provide. It is for everyone, independent of geographical location. It is easily accessible - just one click away. It is based on the latest technology and discoveries. It focuses on all areas of our well-being. It is proactive rather than reactive. And it puts the patient and his needs in the center.

1 million members

The platform has been offering innovative telemedicine services since 2013 and now has over 1 million members. We have hand-picked the best doctors and hospitals from 35 countries for our second medical opinion service. We pride ourselves with helping hundreds of thousands of patients to find correct diagnoses and treatment when the local health care often fails them. We have corporate clients in 7 countries and have become an established part of their products and policies.

Aida is a result of years of experience on the telemedicine market and represents our vision of a new generation of health care. We have created a personalized care in a client-centric environment that can be accessed via one's smartphone. What differentiates Aida from its competitors is the connection to our already established platforms of real-life medical specialists. Through Aida, your clients can reach our professionals for a second medical opinion and also have access to our platforms of coaches, therapists and psychologists.